Grant Tropical Mandolins
From the tree to your ears - Grant Tropical Mandolin & Musical Instruments

Welcome to Grant Mandolin Instruments

From the tropics of Far North Queensland Australia, native timbers are partnered with fine craftsmanship to create eight stringed musical pleasures.

A limited number of hand built mandolin family instruments are produced each year, and are sold only at the workshop door. Next time you're planning to visit North Queensland (just south of New Guinea), please ring - +61.0740966157 or Email: first and call in for a cuppa.

King Billy the Second - f5 mandolinThe Black Pearl - F5 mandolin Long Scale Octave Mandolin


Here's a Grant mandolin and mandola duet. CLICK to listen to a 470 kilobyte mp3 file - "Greek Dance" - with Rob Grant on mandola, Maria Pesavento on mandolin.