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Why a commercial cleaning company is better than your own cleaning crew

Keeping your place of business clean is something that should be done every single day. This is to ensure that you keep employee productivity and morale high, as well as to avoid people getting sick. Commercial cleaning companies Gold Coast businesses hire help you do this. There are some businesses, however, who opt to create their own internal cleaning crew. Is this a better alternative?


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If you run a business and are thinking of creating your own cleaning crew for it, hold off just a minute. You should consider commercial cleaning companies Gold Coast businesses hire, since these are actually better than having your own cleaning crew. Some of the reasons why this is a much better option include the following:

  • You don’t have to worry about training your cleaning personnel – If you don’t have a background in commercial cleaning, this can become an issue. You might run into some problems down the line with your in-house cleaning crew. Hiring one of the commercial cleaning companies in your area is your best option due to the fact that they already have trained personnel.
  • No need to invest in expensive cleaning equipment – Hiring commercial cleaning companies Gold Coast businesses hire saves you from this added expense. This is a purchase you don’t need to make when you hire professionals to clean your offices.
  • They have years of experience – Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane commercial cleaning companies usually come with years of cleaning experience. When you hire them, you get an experienced cleaning crew. You don’t have to worry about them messing things up since they know exactly what to do.
  • They are insured – Professional cleaning companies always have insurance in place. This is because accidents can happen any time. If a cleaner accidentally spills bleach on your carpet or one of your office’s rugs, the insurance will cover the cost of replacing it. This will help you breathe easier because the commercial cleaner’s insurer will replace anything that is damaged by their crew.

How to pick the right professional cleaning company

Before you pick a cleaner, here are some things you should do to ensure you get the best one in your area.

  • Get quotes from the ones nearest your office so you can compare prices.
  • Request to see their proof of insurance.
  • Check the contract with the companies you are considering to see which is most favourable for your business.
  • Ask for references so you can determine if they are as good as they claim they are.
  • Find reviews about these companies online to ascertain if they are good enough for you to hire.
  • Try to check if they are environmentally friendly by asking if they use “green” cleaning products and methods.

The commercial cleaning Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast businesses hire are those that are highly recommended by others. Companies also choose cleaning companies that have been around for a long time. City Property Services, which has been around since 1992, is one good choice. To find out how they can help you with your office cleaning needs, visit