Why you need to wear the proper cycling attire

Different sports and physical activities, be it cycling, running or diving, require you to wear specialized clothing and apparel. This is the reason why sports shops also carry sports apparel such as helmets, gloves, and wedu sport jerseys for people who love cycling.

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But do you really need to wear complete cycling apparel before you can hop on into your bike?

The answer is no. You can actually wear any clothing you like to ride your bike. You can hop on into your bike without those ill-fitting shorts, Wedu sport jersey, and helmet. You can even just wear your favourite shirt and shorts to go to your nearby grocery store.

However, wearing the proper outfit can make your cycling experience much better. Here are some reasons why cyclists opt to wear proper cycling apparel:

  1. Comfort

When you are just riding for a short distance to do some errands, then your normal street clothes are just fine. However, if you are cycling for a long distance, under the scorching heat of the sun, then wearing proper cycling apparel can make you feel more comfortable.

Moreover, there are also ones that have paddings on it. These paddings can provide comfort especially if you are out for a long-distance ride. The paddings also serve as a shock absorber when you pass through rough roads. Check it out at Mellow Johnny’s

  1. Fit

Cycling apparel can provide you with a perfect fit when riding your bike. For example, a Wedu sport jersey is designed to have a longer back to prevent exposing your back when you lean forward to hold your bike’s handles. Legwear also has higher waists to prevent exposing your back. Another design unique to cycling legwear is there is a bend on the knee area so it does not impede pedaling.

  1. Reduces air resistance or drag

Cycling jerseys and legwear are designed to be tight and body-hugging to reduce air resistance. Wearing loose clothing can increase the air drag. Wearing the proper cycling attire during a race is helpful because air resistance or drag can slow down your speed.

  1. Evaporates sweat immediately

Cyclists sweat a lot and just imagine if you wear a cotton shirt while cycling for a long distance. Your sweat will immediately soak up your cotton shirt and you will end up being wet and cold.

Cycling apparel is mostly made from breathable materials that allow sweat to evaporate immediately, a process commonly called wicking.

Aside from the easy-to-dry shirts and legwear, cyclist’s gloves are also designed to help you clear off sweat from your face. When looking for gloves sale online, buy the gloves that have toweling fabric at the back. You can use the back of your gloves to wipe the sweat off your face.

Wedu is a well-loved brand of cyclists because they provide quality cycling apparel. If you are in love with the brand Wedu, it is possible to Wedu shop for cycling apparel at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop.

Aside from buying quality cycling apparel, you can visit for different bike reviews such as Trek Fuel ex8 review prior to deciding what bike you actually need and want.